Minneapolis Snow Emergency: Things To Remember

The city of Minneapolis has declared a Snow Emergency for November 29. Since then, city workers have been ploughing and salting the streets to keep them passable.

Parking restrictions will start at 9 p.m. tonight so that crews can clear as much snow as possible from more than 1,000 miles of streets.

That's the same as having to clear 3,200 "lane miles" of streets, or enough to clear a lane from Minneapolis to Anchorage, Alaska.

When a Snow Emergency is called, parking rules go into effect so that snowplows can clear the streets and emergency vehicles and other cars can get around and park.

The cars that are parked on the streets need to be moved in order to make the streets entirely clear.

Everyone should do their part and park according to the rules so that plows can do the best job possible and people don't get a ticket or have their cars towed.

Residents, workers, and visitors can find out about Snow Emergencies and what to do when they are called for in a number of different ways.

The more ways people have to find out about a Snow Emergency, the more ready they will be to do their part and the less likely they are to be towed.

Everyone should be able to use our city's sidewalks. Minneapolis legislation says house and duplex owners have 24 hours to clear snow.