By Luis  Durani

Mcdonald's Mcgold Card: How To Get Free Mcdonald's For Life

McDonald's announced that it will return its renowned McGold Card for the first time since 2018, meaning that someone will win free food for life from the fast food giant.

The company said that three fans, together with three friends and family members of each fan, would  receive total of 12 cards.

As part of its "SZN of Sharing" campaign, McDonald's app will allow users to score deals and merchandise drops.

Our fans have been captivated by the legend and existence of the McGold Card. We'll give our fans the perfect holiday gift based on this McDonald's legend.

McDonald's chief marketing and customer experience officer Tariq Hassan said, "We're giving people a chance to win a card and then share it with three family members or friends." 

McDonald's did not specify the value of the card, but the 2018 award was valued at $52,350.

If you want a chance to win the McGold card, you only need the McDonald's app.

How to get the McGold Card

McDonald's announced that beginning on December 5, each purchase made through the McDonald's app will count as one ticket towards earning the McGold Card.

The contest ends on December 25, and winners will be notified shortly thereafter. McDonald's did not reveal the likelihood of receiving the prize.

If you do not win, you will have the chance to win other rewards. Each app purchase of at least $1 will get access to the December 7 and December 14 releases.